A Man’s Guide to Buying Lingerie for his Lady

Most men don’t realize anything about choosing unmentionables, which is justifiable in light of the fact that it tends to be befuddling. What kind of unmentionables to purchase, what size, what tone – how is a man to know? Here is a little guide for help you while picking underwear for that unique individual.

There are a couple of interesting points before you go out. How treats like? Recall that you won’t be wearing this – she will and you ought to go out with the plan on getting something she will like. On the off chance that she isn’t into lacey, small, transparent teddies, chances are assuming you purchase that, she won’t be in a very remarkable state of mind to wear it and you may never see it. So remember what she enjoys.

On the off chance that you don’t have any idea, look at her robe/undergarments cabinet before you leave. Check for material kind (cotton, silk, and so on), colors, and in particular, size. She might be complimented assuming she wears a huge and you get her a little, yet on the off chance that she wears a little and you get her an enormous, you might end up in a difficult situation. Keep away from whatever that says “control” on the mark. Those things are utilized to firm and straighten tummys and backs and she would likely not like getting them as a gift.

Something else to recall is in the event that the store offers to wrap the underwear let them. Modest underwear will preferable examine their folding around assuming you envelop it by the paper left over from your cousin’s birthday. Show is essential for the bundle with undergarments. Likewise, assuming you are awkward in the store, look at online stores that sell underwear. You can constantly begin at Victoria’s Secret, yet most significant retail chains like Macys and Nordstroms likewise sell underwear. Last note – make sure to keep your receipt in the event it is some unacceptable style, size, or shading.


Presently, what sort of underwear is accessible? Pretty much everything you can visualize! Ask yourself what the event is. Is this to tell her you cherish her? Assuming this is the case, something crotchless or transparent most likely won’t send that message. Yet, assuming it is for Valentine’s Day or your commemoration, something somewhat more suggestive may be valued. Bras alone have a wide range of styles including push up, plunge, gel filled, cushioned, under wire, consistent, bare-backed, strapless, open cup, and unpadded.

On the off chance that you are buying a bra and underwear set, consistently look at what she has in her cabinet ahead of time and certainly make note of the size – of both the bra and undies. Most places sell somewhere around one sets of underwear that match every bra, except some will sell a few so you can blend and match. It will assist with realizing what kind of undies she jumps at the chance to wear as well – straps, briefs, or high cut swimsuit.

With regards to sleepwear, it very well may be similarly as befuddling. One kind of sleepwear is babydoll night robe. They generally have extremely slight ties, a plunging V neck area, and are exceptionally short with matching undies. You will see as the greater part of these made from silk or glossy silk, materials that generally cause a lady to have a decent outlook on herself. Yet, assuming that she feels her bosoms are too large or excessively little, or thinks her stomach is too huge, you should stay away from babydoll nightgown.

Like the babydoll nightgown, these are somewhat longer and somewhat better at disguising trouble spots like bosoms, butt or stomach. They also are typically made of silk or silk.


Outfits are full-length adaptations of the babydoll. Many are transparent or lacey and can assist with placing your lady in the temperament. Babydolls, slips, chemises, and outfits may as well  accompany a robe.

A pajama set probably won’t sound excessively hot, yet on the off chance that it is velvety, and closes up the front, it can cause your lady to feel exceptionally provocative, particularly assuming she is a hefty (size 18 or bigger). Fighter sets have become exceedingly well known recently. The tops are tight, with slender ties and generally a V neck area, despite the fact that there are fighter sets with ordinary shirt tops.

Assuming you are truly searching for undergarments to brighten up your adoration life, investigate Frederick’s of Hollywood (accessible on the web). They have been selling hot underwear for north of 50 years. They have a wide assortment of tie belts, bustiers, girdles, teddies (like the babydoll, yet one piece), crotchless underwear, and fishnet stockings – things that may not be accessible at many stores that sell undergarments.

What kind of undergarments you ought to get your affection relies a ton upon her confidence. Numerous enormous lady love hot little teddies, yet some will avoid them, inspired by a paranoid fear of uncovering a lot of themselves. Most stores sell underwear in hefty sizes, which are somewhat less uncovering. On the off chance that she is truly athletic, a fighter set may be something she would like. Slim ladies will great examine anything, however particularly teddies, bodices, and babydolls.


While looking for unmentionables, attempt to remember what she loves. In the event that you buy something almost identical to the unmentionables she as of now has and in colors you realize she prefers, it will most likely satisfy her. Be that as it may, keep the receipt for good measure!

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